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+ Tuition & Scholarships

We can usually accept new students all throughout the school year. We are currently enrolling students ages 5 - 12 (13 and 14 in some cases). Sudbury is a growth journey that is best started as soon as possible.
​If you're excited about a Sudbury education, please call to see if we have space for your student as we work to keep a good age/gender balance in the student body.

miami sudbury school staff



Understand the Sudbury Model

Familiarize yourself with our school and the unique Sudbury approach to education. Check out our FAQvideos, and books on our site to learn more.  


Schedule a family tour

​These Tours are reserved for the WHOLE family (all parents involved in the student's life plus the student themself) and will be rescheduled if the whole family is not present.
It's important for everyone to be "on the same page" for such an exciting new approach to learning. If you would just like some initial information, please call us directly


Visiting Week

After a tour, a student may then be invited to do a to get a good feel for what daily life is like at The Miami Sudbury School. 

After Visiting Week, if it looks like a good fit, we'll send enrollment paperwork and schedule an admissions review. If we have already reached maximum enrollment, your child will be placed on our Waiting List.



Regular Tuition Fee

  • Tuition is $20,000 divided into 9 installments Sept - May

  • No hidden fees or extras

  • Tuition would be the balance after the scholarship is applied (see scholarship info below)

  • Students who join us during the school year typically have prorated tuition

  • No year-long binding tuition contracts - we know life can be unpredictable

Visiting Week

Visiting Week $250 ​per student - scheduled by invitation after a Family Tour. This payment will be applied as a credit toward Registration should a student enroll.

Annual Registration Fee

is $500 per student - Due at the time of enrollment and annual membership renewal. Credit applied from Visiting Week payment.


The Miami Sudbury School accepts all Florida School Choice Scholarships.  We suggest that a family apply all qualifying scholarship funding organizations as soon as possible. See below for more information on scholarships.

Scholarships you can apply for

The FES-EO (Educational Opportunities) Scholarship is available to every Florida resident with an average annual scholarship of $7,000 - $7,500.

The FES-UA (Unique Abilities) Scholarship is available to students with a variety of documented diagnoses. $9,000 - $10,000 average award for an FES-UA scholarship.


A separate funding organization can also administer FES-EO scholarships: AAA Scholarship Foundation

If you have any questions do not hesitate to contact us!

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